The ACS Survey Of Galactic Globular Clusters. III. The Double Subgiant Branch Of NGC 1851

Milone, A. P.
Bedin, L. R.
Piotto, G.
Anderson, J.
King, I. R.
Sarajedini, A.
Dotter, A.
Chaboyer, B.
Marin-Franch, A.
Majewski, S.
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Photometry with the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys (HSTACS) reveals that the subgiant branch (SGB) of the globular cluster NGC 1851 splits into two well-defined branches. If the split is due only to an age effect, the two SGBs would imply two star formation episodes separated by similar to 1 Gyr. We discuss other anomalies in NGC 1851 that could be interpreted in terms of a double stellar population. Finally, we compare the case of NGC 1851 with the other two globulars known to host multiple stellar populations, and show that all three clusters differ in several important respects.

Milone, A. P., L. R. Bedin, G. Piotto, J. Anderson, I. R. King, A. Sarajedini, A. Dotter et al. "The ACS survey of Galactic globular clusters. III. The double subgiant branch of NGC 1851." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 673, No. 1 (Jan., 2008): 241.