Water Resource Challenges in the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Basin, PRP 101

Eaton, David J.
Chaturvedi, Mahesh C.
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LBJ School of Public Affairs
This report on water resource management challenges in the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Basin is the result of a policy research project conducted in 1989-90 supported in part by a grant from the Ford Foundation. This research was also supported in part by the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation. The policy research project was designed to explore issues developed through a conference on water resource cooperation between Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. This report supplements the conference volume by describing the general background of the basin and examining two selected issues in detail: hydroelectric development and deforestation. A final chapter examines the legal issues involved in bilateral and multilateral cooperation and presents two draft treaties that could serve as a framework for international cooperation.