Development of Technique for 3D Printed Mould Intricate Rapid Casting

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Brabazon, Dermot
Kennedy, Donal
Tyrell, Michael

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University of Texas at Austin


The development of rapid prototyping (RP) technologies has proven highly significant in the efforts to reduce production times for a number of casting processes. Although rapid prototyping technologies have most commonly be used to produce patterns for investment and sand casting this study demonstrated the use of direct shell production casting using three dimensional printing technology. Statistical methods as well as thermal, visual and dimensional analysis were also applied in order to optimise this rapid casting (RC) process for thin wall non-ferrous parts. Mould dimensions within ± 0.22 mm were achieved with the developed technique. Higher melt temperatures and pouring pressures produced castings with better dimensional accuracy. Mould temperature was not found to affect the casting dimensional accuracy significantly. The results allow for better dimensional specification of CAD file geometry for the rapid casting process.


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