Retrospect on contemporary Internet organization and its challenges in the future




Gutierrez De Lara, Felipe

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The intent of this report is to expose the audience to the contemporary organization of the Internet and to highlight the challenges it has to deal with in the future as well as the current efforts being made to overcome such threats. This report aims to build a frame of reference for how the Internet is currently structured and how the different layers interact together to make it possible for the Internet to exist as we know it. Additionally, the report explores the challenges the current Internet architecture design is facing, the reasons why these challenges are arising, and the multiple efforts taking place to keep the Internet working. In order to reach these objectives I visited multiple sites of organizations whose only reason for existence is to support the Internet and keep it functioning. The approach used to write this report was to research the topic by accessing multiple technical papers extracted from the IEEE database and network conferences reviews and to analyze and expose their findings. This report utilizes this vii information to elaborate on how network engineers are handling the challenges of keeping the Internet functional while supporting dynamic requirements. This report exposes the challenges the Internet is facing with scalability, the existence of debugging tools, security, mobility, reliability, and quality of service. It is explained in brief how each of these challenges are affecting the Internet and the strategies in place to vanquish them. The final objectives are to inform the reader of how the Internet is working with a set of ever changing and growing requirements, give an overview of the multiple institutions dedicated to reinforcing the Internet and provide a list of current challenges and the actions being taken to overcome them.



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