Excavation in the Territory of Metaponto, 1974

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Institute of Classical Archaeology

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University of Texas at Austin


This report provides information about excavations carried out by the Institute of Classical Archaeology in the territory of Metaponto. The main aim of the excavations is to study the special archaeological and historical problem of the relationship between a Greek city and its territory. The site of Metaponto is an important source of information about city planning, the organization of the territory, the countryside around the city and the life of its inhabitants. The report describes the excavation of Neolithic hut and Greek tombs (for example, a 4th century BC tomb) at Pizzica near Metaponto, where many things were discovered (among them fragments of red-figured pottery, black glazed pottery of the 4th century BC etc); and the excavations of Greek and Roman farmhouses, sanctuaries and other rural settlements.


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Carter, J.C. 1974. Excavation in the Territory of Metaponto, 1974. Austin: Institute of Classical Archaeology.