The Value of a Comprehensive Texas Information and Referral Network




O'Shea, Daniel P.
Kegler, Leah
King, Christopher T.
Betsinger, Alicia M.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


This report summarizes the results of the revised benefits/costs analysis for the Texas Information and Referral Network. As in our previous report on this network, we found that state appropriations for a comprehensive Texas Health and Human Services Information & Referral Network will create more benefits than cost and will return a net value to society. Despite an increase in total cost for the Network, we estimate that the unadjusted net benefit to society rose by nearly $0.3 million to $14.7 million and that the share of the total costs borne by the state government dropped more than $1.0 million. State cost reductions are the result of increased local contributions to this collaborative public/private effort.

To arrive at these estimates, we reviewed previous and additional assumptions related to our valuation formulas. We decided that the basic conceptual cost/benefits model used to arrive at our original estimates retained validity. We incorporated the new information into our model to produce the revised estimates.


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