Environmental Integrity Index Phase I & II (2013-2014) Watershed Summary Report




Clamann, Andrew
Jackson, Todd
Clayton, Rob
Richter, Aaron

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City of Austin Watershed Protection Department


Environmental Integrity Index (EII) Phase I & II data collected during 2013 and 2014 are presented and evaluated within the context of historical EII data. 118 sites located within 50 watersheds throughout the greater Austin area were sampled to assess environmental conditions. This data is primarily used for prioritizing subwatersheds for Capital Improvement Projects, regulations and/or other programs through the Citywide Watershed Protection Department masterplan. The values are also used in the WPD Business Plan as performance measures for water quality maintenance. The baseline information accumulated through the EII provides a large, comprehensive and quality assured dataset unique to our region which can be utilized for identifying and tracking both anthropogenic and climatic changes to our aquatic resources.


This contains a massive amount of data regarding the contributing factors to the EII score. There is a summary sheet on the Waller Creek watershed that provides an overview of these scores from multiple locations in the creek.

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