Building Momentum: Using Guided Pathways to Redesign the Student Experience



Table of Contents: Foreword To Improve Outcomes, Colleges Must Change the Student Experience (p. 2) -- On the Cusp of Transformation (p. 3) -- Why Guided Pathways? (p. 4) -- Methodology: Institutional Analyses (p. 5) -- The Evolution of Guided Pathways (p. 6) -- Guided Pathways and the Student Experience (p. 7) -- Findings on Pillar 2: Help Students Get on a Path (p. 8) -- Findings on Pillar 3: Help Students Stay on their Path (p. 16) -- Findings on Pillar 4: Ensure Students are Learning (p. 19) -- The Power of Applied Learning (p. 22) -- Engaging Students Begins With Engaging Faculty (p. 24) -- Campus Conversation Starters (p. 26)

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Center for Community College Student Engagement. (2020). Building momentum: Using guided pathways to redesign the student experience. Austin, TX: The University of Texas at Austin, College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, Program in Higher Education Leadership.