Enhancing career services within North Harris Montgomery Community College District

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David, Sarah Yvette

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A rapid growing, diverse student population is outpacing resources currently allocated to career service needs. To keep pace with the changing population and their demands, community college career service offices must foster support from internal and external constituents in order to highlight the value career services bring in meeting student needs. As administrators and career service professionals embrace the “open-door” policy of community colleges, there will be a diverse group of students seeking assistance in student services. With many demands placed on student’s time – work, family and personal issues – the need for “on-demand” services will become more attractive to fit into already busy schedules. The purpose of this study is to compare perceptions of career services among students, career service professionals (CSP), faculty, administrators, staff, and employers within North Harris Montgomery Community College District (NHMCCD). Moreover, the study will use group perceptions to identify further initiatives to enhance career services throughout the district. The study is designed to generate a list of numerous perceptions and themes concerning career services. A list of initiatives will be generated to provide enhanced career services for students on campuses throughout NHMCCD. The analysis of perspectives among students, career service professionals, faculty, administrators, staff, and employers will be compared. Information from the study will assist career service professionals within NHMCCD as they continue to enhance career programs and services that will help students achieve their career goals.