The transgressive woman in Hans Folz ; and, News of the strange in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Ali: Angst Essen Seele Auf

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Huey, Caroline

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A poetics of the carnival play is elusive, and its enacting of forms of societal transgression is similarly difficult to clearly define. Several examinations of transgression in carnival plays seek to classify this element as an act of defiance. Role inversion, obscenity, and other transgressions familiar to the carnival play are accordingly seen as both entertaining and provoking its primarily lower-class audience. The assumption that transgression liberates does not belong to any a priori concept in a poetics of the carnival play. Several of Hans Folz's carnival plays have provided evidence to support this. Hans Folz's depictions of the transgressive female in his carnival plays Die Bauernheirat, Die Liebesnarren and his Reimpaarspruch, Der arme Bäcker, actually promote an enforcement of the woman's role at that time, that is, as subject to the man.


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