Designing Material Properties Locally with Additive Manufacturing Technology SLM

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Spierings, A.B.
Wegener, K.
Levy, G.

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive Manufacturing technologies are known to allow the production of parts with an extreme degree of complexity, enabling design and functional part optimization. So far the development of processing parameters and analyze of corresponding materials focuses on dense materials for maximized material properties. However, AM processes like Selective Laser Melting, allow also the generation of materials with some degree of porosity affecting their mechanical properties. A DOE was set up for SLM processed SS 17-4PH / AISI-630 material with porosity between 0% and about 26% in order to analyze mechanical properties. The results presented show that the porosity significantly affects material ductility and hardness, offering the possibility to design a material according to the required mechanical behavior of the parts produced. Therefore, this AM enabling features allows a multi-property component design by appropriate local parameter setting.


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