Praxis, Volume 10, No. 01: Diversity in the Writing Center




Rifenburg, J. Michael
Fiesthumel, Brooke
Diab, Rasha
Godbee, Beth
Ferrel, Thomas
Simpkins, Neil
Smith, Eric Steven
Effinger Wilson, Nancy
Lape, Noreen
Welch, Kristen

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Contents: From the Editors / by Elizabeth Goins and Frederick Coye Heard -- Fleshing out the Uniqueness of Student-Athlete Writing Centers: A Response to Alanna Bitzel / by J. Michael Rifenburg -- Black Fingernails and the White Page: The High School Writing Center / by Brooke Fiesthumel -- A Multi-Dimensional Pedagogy for Racial Justice in Writing / by Rasha Diab, Beth Godbee, Thomas Ferrel, and Neil Simpkins -- Making Room for Fat Studies in Writing Center Theory and Practice / by Eric Steven Smith -- Stocking the Bodega: Towards a New Writing Center Paradigm / by Nancy Effinger Wilson -- The Worth of the Writing Center: Numbers, Value, Culture and the Rhetoric of Budget Proposals / by Noreen Lape --Writing Center Assessment: An Argument for Change / by Kristen Welch and Susan Revels-Parker -- Graduate Writing Groups: Shaping Writing and Writers from Student to Scholar / by Tallin Phillips -- Characterizing Successful "Intervention" in the Writing Conference / by Sam Van Horne

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