BAJA SAE: Building an Engineer




Sloan, Myles
Goh, Chung Hyun
Brown, Fredericka

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American Society for Engineering Education


of the necessary experience needed to perform the job with a high level of competence. Simulating this real-world experience in a classroom or lab becomes difficult when it has to be squeezed into a class like senior design. While for some, a good grade might be incentive enough to put forth the effort to properly gain these experiences, other things will likely become a larger priority. The SAE student design series introduces students to a competitive atmosphere that promotes extreme learning growth in a short period of time. Each portion of the competition has a specific aim that, when combined together, train a student into an engineer who is far more experienced and educated than one born from a traditional classroom. The opportunities that come from this competition, presented both to learn and grow more familiar with the real world environment of engineering are invaluable. It submerges students into an environment that encourages and promotes growth in every dimension.


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Sloan, M., & Goh, C. H., & Brown, F. (2019, April), BAJA SAE: Building an Engineer Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section Annual Meeting, AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, Austin, TX 78705.