Experimental in-plane behavior of a generic scale model drag embedment anchor in Kaolinite test beds

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McCarthy, Katelyn Barbara

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The trajectory and capacity are key components of the design of drag embedment anchor and drag-in vertically loaded anchors. This experimental testing program quantifies two factors that describe the anchor trajectory and capacity: the equilibrium bearing factor (Ne) and the tangential bearing factor (Ne). These factors can aid in the development of a numerical model of anchor behavior. A magnetometer device is used to track the orientation and location of the anchor during drag embedment. The results of the experimental testing program were compared with the results from a predictive model. The experimental program consisted of drag embedment tests with various testing conditions including different anchor line diameters and different initial pitch orientations. The results with the different anchor lines indicated that thinner anchor lines cause the anchor to dive deeper in the soil. The different initial pitch results indicate that regardless of the initial pitch of the anchor, the anchor rotates to a unique pitch trajectory within 2 fluke lengths.



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