Predictors of successful team-based testing

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Thomas, Gregory Dean, 1957-

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The objective of this study was be to find predictors of low- and highperforming teams with the further objective of using this information for future group formation. This study examined one particular implementation of team-based learning in an attempt to discover valid predictors of team performance at the undergraduate level (n=101). Team-based learning is an instructional strategy based on the social constructivist theory of Vygotsky and the socio-cognitive conflict theory of Piaget. Students were measured on a variety of constructs such as instrumentality, expressiveness, motivation, self-monitoring behavior, social self-efficacy, epistemological beliefs and self construal, in addition to team and individual performance. Individual test and quiz performance and team games performance, a measure of attendance and participation, were correlated with team test and quiz performance (Pearson’s r = .31 and .42. respectively, p<.01) and predicted team performance (Beta weights = .290 and .412 respectively, p<.001). Implications of these results for team formation are discussed.



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