Case study : the comparison of WattBike cycle ergometer power metrics to common force-plate metrics for power profiling in professional soccer




Rosner, Jonah

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The purpose of this report was to explore the potential connections of cycle ergometer power readings and commonly utilized Force-Plate markers of power in American Professional Soccer athletes. A total of 17 Major League Soccer Athletes were analyzed in this investigation throughout a professional season. Results displayed associations between Cycle Ergometer Peak Power per Kilogram on a six-second sprint and Force-Plate Concentric Mean Power per Kilogram and Concentric Peak Power per Kilogram in a countermovement jump. Consequently, Peak Power per kilogram on a six second sprint may be an attractive way to profile soccer athletes concentric power capabilities during a demanding season. The six-second sprint offers benefits over vertical jump testing due to the low mechanical load it imposes which may be more realistic for heavily trained or injured players. The applied soccer sport scientist can consider implementing cycle ergometer testing as a less-fatiguing power gauge on desired populations.


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