Electromechanical and Thermomechanical Stress Analysis of the Toroidal Field Magnet System in Single Turn Ignition Tokamaks

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Hsieh, K.T.
Weldon, W.F.
Werst, M. D.
Montalvo, E.
Carrera, R.

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American Nuclear Society


The Texas fusion ignition experiment (IGNITEX) device is a 20 T single turn coil tokamak designed to produce and control an ignited plasma using ohmic heating alone. As a baseline design, IGNITEX has a 1.5 m major radius and operates at a toroidal field (TF) of 20 T on-axis. The small version of IGNITEX (R = 1.2 m) represents the smallest, low cost experiment that can produce fusion ignition under the saturated Neo-Alcator energy confinement scaling. The large version of IGNITEX (R = 2.1 m) represents the smallest experiment that can produce fusion ignition using the most pessimistic extrapolation of the Goldston scaling in L-mode. The Ignition Technology Demonstration (ITD) program was initiated to design, build, and test the operation of a single turn, 20 T, TF coil powered by an existing 9 MA, HPG power supply system. The ITD TF coil is a 0.06 scale of the IGNITEX and is now operating at the Center for Electromechanics at The University of Texas at Austin (CEM-UT). Data from the ITD experiment is used to confirm the complex computer model utilized for the IGNITEX design and analysis. In this paper, feasibility of the TF magnets is evaluated based on the electromechanical and thermomechanical considerations.


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K.T. Hsieh, W.F. Weldon, M.D. Werst, E. Montalvo, and R. Carrera, “Electromechanical and thermomechanical stress analysis of the toroidal field magnet system in single turn ignition tokamaks,” Fusion Technology, vol. 19, no. 3, May 1991.