Rwanda : Arming the perpetrators of the genocide

dc.creatorAmnesty International (AI)en
dc.descriptionDocument collected by the University of Texas Libraries from the web-site of the Reseau Documentaire International Sur La Region Des Grands Lacs Africains (International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region). The Reseau distributes "gray literature", non-published or limited distribution government or NGO documents regarding the Great Lakes area of central Africa including Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.en
dc.description.departmentUT Librariesen
dc.publisherReseau Documentaire International Sur la Region de Grands Lacs Africainsen
dc.rightsIn accordance with the Reseau’s web-site guidelines, the reproduction (by any means) of texts is authorized, provided they are not modified or altered, and that the source is mentioned (example: International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region, online document number 1234, 21 November 2008).en
dc.subjectGreat Lakes Region (Africa)--Government and NGO documentsen
dc.subject.lcshGreat Lakes Region (Africa)--Politics and government--20th centuryen
dc.subject.lcshGreat Lakes Region (Africa)--Politics and government--21st centuryen
dc.subject.lcshRwanda--Politics and governmenten
dc.subject.lcshBurundi--Politics and governmenten
dc.subject.lcshCongo--Politics and governmenten
dc.titleRwanda : Arming the perpetrators of the genocideen

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