Modeling and Verification of Error Propagation in Integrated Additive/Subtractive Multi-Directional Direct Manufacturing

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Dwivedi, Rajeev
Zekovic, Srdja
Kovacevic, Radovan

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Integrated additive-subtractive manufacturing, when applied in the framework of SolidFreeform-Fabrication (SFF) allows the fabrication of functional parts on single platform, directly from its computer model. Reduction in process complexity and total processing steps is ensured by multi-directional material deposition and machining. However, due to shift in the datum location in reorientation steps and sequential addition of material in the form of layers, the CAD process intent is not exactly replicated. This leads to inclusion of dimensional errors. Machining in order to eliminate the errors as frequent as layer deposition is highly expensive and can be avoided by estimation of errors and varying process parameters, and/or performing machining after a set of layers are deposited. This paper proposes a state space model for modeling the error propagation due to linear as well as angular variation in the datum. The model is based on identification of possible sources of error, mechanism of error inclusion and influence of process parameters. An experiment performed to determine parameters of error modeling has been reported.


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