Fabrication of 3D Polymer-Metal Nano-Composites in a Single Step by Two-Photon Induced Polymerisation and Metal Salt Reduction

Hu, Qin
Liu, Yaan
He, Yinfeng
Zhang, Fan
Wildman, Ricky
Tuck, Chris
Hague, Richard
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University of Texas at Austin

Fabrication of 3D polymer-metal nano-composites in a single step by two-photon induced polymerisation and metal salt reduction has been demonstrated in this study. Two kinds of composites, SU8-Au and IPL-Au, based on different mechanisms of polymerisation, have been fabricated and compared. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of IPL-Au nano-composites being fabricated by two-photon lithography. Extra photoninitator is needed for the fabrication of IPL-Au composites, to provide extra free radicals to sustain the two reactions processing at the same time. The distribution of the generated Au nanoparticles in IPL matrix is more uniform than that in SU8 matrix. The technique demonstrated in this study can have great application in metamaterial fabrication.