Population Censuses: Latin American and the Caribbean

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Benson Latin American Collection


Census publications from Latin American countries are often difficult to locate, to acquire, and to use. The year chosen for a census varies widely from country to country, and there is often a time lag of several years between the time that a census is taken and the time that the data is published. In some cases, preliminary data is issued first, followed by final official results. The following list reflects the Benson Latin American Collection holdings of the most recent national population census materials, whether preliminary or final, available in this library as of March 1995. Unless otherwise noted, the library holds the complete set for each listing. New titles and additional volumes arrive on a continuing basis; to find them, consult the online catalog using a subject search on the name of the country, followed by the word "census", subdivided by the year in which the census was taken, e.g. MEXICO-CENSUS, 1990.



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