Danceworks, Act II: Snow Globe, Flight; May 16, 1999


Performance at the B. Iden Payne Theatre, UT-Austin.


Performance at the B. Iden Payne Theatre, UT-Austin. Act II. Snow Globe: Special thanks to Sally Jacques. Flight (premiere): The original score for FLIGHT is arranged, assembled and performed by Tina Marsh (voice) and Bob Rodriguez (piano) with Doug Hall (synthesizers and piano) and Oliver Rajamani (percussion). Flight drone mastered by Bill Meadows from a CD compilation, Drone Zone. Special thanks to Bill Meadows, Tom Benton, Gail Milton of M-AAA, Cindy Goldberger and Jose Luis Bustamante for their extraordinaryefforts in assisting this collaboration of musical artists. Flight: [lyrics to "Be" by Neil Dimaond, from the soundtrack of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"]. Flight: Note to Hyde Memorial Donors - On behalf of the President's Council of Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks, I wish to welcome hyou to this special performance. Your overwhelming generosity has made this work possible. We come together to honor and celebrate the life of Brian Hyde, an extraordinary man who touched all of us. Allow your spirit to soar as you experience the joy of flight interpreted by Yacov Sharir and Jose Luis Bustamante in this new and exciting work commissioned in Brian's memory. -Deborah Hamilton-Lynne. Choreography: Carolyn Pavlik (Snow Globe); Yacov Sharir, Jose Luis Bustamante (Flight). Dance Company: Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks. Dancers: Carolyn Pavlik (Snow Globe); Jeffery Bullock, Jose Luis Bustamante, Jessica Chisam, Terry Hardy (Flight, Part One); Amy Burrell, Jose Luis Bustamante, Laura Cannon, David Chao, Jessica Chisam, Bryan Green, Terry Hardy, Carolyn Pavlik, Luis Manuel Narvaez (Flight, Part Two). Set: Kari Perkins (Snow Globe). Costumes: Carolyn Pavlik (Snow Globe); Amy Burrell (Flight). Sound: William Meadows (Snow Globe). Lighting: Amarante Lucero. Music: Ingram Marshall - an excerpt from Evensongs, Kitaro, Steve's Ghost, Jerry Hunt, Lattice (Snow Globe); Tina Marsh - "Transformation," VernNelson - "Skylarks," Neil Diamond - "Be," Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael, Bob Rodriguez - "Skylark" (Flight). Reharmonizations: Bob Rodriguez (Flight). Top Guy: John Christensen (Flight, Part One). Unitards & Cloth: Patrick Wadley (Flight, Part One).


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