A novel 10-bit hybrid ADC using flash and delay line architectures

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Dutt, Samir

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This thesis describes the architecture and implementation of a novel 10-bit hybrid Analog to Digital Converter using Flash and Delay Line concepts. Flash ADCs employ power hungry comparators which increase the overall power consumption of a high resolution ADC. High resolution flash also requires precision analog circuit design. Delay line ADCs are based on digital circuits and operate at low power. Both Flash based ADCs and delay line based ADCs can be used to get a fast analog to digital conversion, but with limited resolution. These two approaches are combined to achieve a 10-bit resolution (4 bits using Flash and 6 bits using delay line) without compromising on speed and maintaining low power operation. Low resolution of Flash also helps in reducing the analog circuit design complexity of the voltage comparators. The ADC was capable of running at 100M samples/s, with an ENOB of 8.82 bits, consuming 8.59mW at 1.8V.



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