Bevel Cutting Methods and Cutting Trajectory Control for Steel Laminations Used in Tooling

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Walczyk, Daniel F.

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Bevel cutting of steel laminations used in profiled-edge laminated tooling allows for a more accurate representation of the intended die surface, since stair-stepping at the edges is eliminated. Based on experiments involving maximum cutting speed, bevel angle and kerf quality, the three recommended methods for bevel cutting steel are (best to worst) pulsed Nd:YAG laser with hard-optic delivery, abrasive water jet, and machining with the flute edge of an endmill. For each method, bevel angles of up to 80 degrees are possible. Further experimentation was used to determine the optimal process parameters for kerf quality, with constant cutting speed being one ofthe main requirements. Finally, a new techIlique to assure constant velocity along the entire lamination cutting trajectory is developed.


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