Framework for CAD to Part of Large Scale Additive Manufacturing of Metal (LSAMM) in Arbitrary Directions

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McNeil, J. Logan
Hamel, William R.
Penney, Joshua
Nycz, Andrzej
Noakes, Mark

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University of Texas at Austin


The purpose of this research is to provide a framework for Large Scale Additive Metals Manufacturing (LSAMM) in arbitrary directions. Traditionally, slicing and path planning is done along the gravity aligned direction of a part, causing more complex geometrical shapes to have unsupported overhangs. The overhangs can be managed using a part positioner or a powder bed process. A different framework for slicing and building parts out of gravity alignment could improve current capabilities of LSAMM processes. The presented research focuses on segmenting more complex geometrical parts into gravity aligned (GA), non-gravity aligned (NGA), and transition segments to help generate toolpaths. Initial research of segment planning for complex geometrical shapes will be presented, as well as current results from builds completed at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. The completed builds show that more consistent thermal evolution of a part based on the path sequence and torch angle results in successful builds.


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