Changes in Gulf Shoreline Position, Mustang, and North Padre Islands, Texas

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This report presents long-term rates of shoreline change along the Texas Gulf of Mexico shoreline from Aransas Pass to the north boundary of the Padre Island National Seashore. This shoreline reach includes the barrier islands of Mustang and North Padre. The successive positions of historical shorelines are combined in a linear regression model that provides the average annual rate of shoreline change. Based on previous years, therefore, these rates indicate how the shoreline is expected to advance seaward or retreat landward during the next several decades, making this information useful for coastal planning. The Bureau of Economic Geology is currently updating shoreline change rates for most of the Texas coast under the Texas Shoreline Change Project. All data, including what is presented in this report, are being placed in a web-based Geographic Information System (ArcIMS) on the Bureau's Coastal Studies website. The public can use this website to create custom maps and download data.


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