Novel Concepts to Integrate Dense and Sparse Infill Regions in Material Extrusion AM Parts

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Hutton, Logan J.
Bartolai, Joseph

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University of Texas at Austin


Modern toolpath generation softwares, or “slicers," allow for multiple regions within a Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing produced part to be assigned different processing parameters, including infill density. Contemporary slicers develop these different infill regions independently, leading to discontinuities in the toolpaths at the region's boundaries. This work investigates the effect these discontinuities have on part strength, and tests a variety of novel approaches to connect infill regions in a continuous manner to improve part properties. Mechanical properties of parts built by toolpaths generated using Ultimaker Cura and Slic3r are compared to those of parts built using the novel build strategies presented in this work. The continuous and sequential novel build strategies presented in this work show statistically significant mechanical property increases.


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