Hydrologic and Hydrochemical Data Compilation for Playa 5 and Pantex Lake

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This report focuses on 2 wells near Playa 5 that have been sampled recently by the Bureau of Economic Geology (Figure 1). Each of these wells is located approximately 2,000 ft from the margin of the floor of Playa 5. On the basis of geochemical analyses, it appears that these wells are completed in the Ogallala aquifer rather than in perched aquifer(s). The well belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Kirkland, west of Playa 5 across F.M. 683, was sampled in August 1993, whereas the well of Mr. and Mrs. Sam McGregor, south of Playa 5 across U.S. 60, was sampled in May 1993. Sucker rods and service pipe were pulled from the Kirkland well on August 12, 1993, and the static water level was measured as 266.27 ft below land surface. Given an approximate land surface elevation (taken from the Sevenmile Basin topographic sheet) as 3,535 ft above sea level, the water level elevation in the Kirkland well is approximately 3,268.73 ft. For the McGregor well, the static water level on November 4, 1985, taken from the drillers' log, was 232 ft. Given an approximate land surface elevation of 3,510 ft, the water level elevation at that time was approximately 3,278 ft.


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