A novel method of inter- and intra-building package transport created within a startup ecosystem



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Recently, many companies have been suffering from supply chain delays and labor shortages. The effects of inefficiencies in any shipping system quickly propagate and are felt at the consumer end. As a result, affected companies have been eagerly looking to invest in automated solutions that reduce idle package time and accordingly increase production and shipping rates. Currently, it’s commonplace in many industries to move packages by loading a vehicle full of packages, driving to another area of the building or a nearby building, and unloading these packages in this new area. This is an exceptionally slow and labor-intensive method that is ripe for innovative solutions. Tubular Network is a startup based in Austin, Texas providing a novel solution. They are developing a robust, low-cost, automated system to allow for quick and modular package movement within and between buildings. This report will focus on the work done to build a business case, quickly iterate design concepts, and validate prototypes and manufacturing methods while developing this system. This work ultimately culminates in the first full-scale prototype that will serve as a demonstration platform for potential customers.


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