A Parallelized Viscous Vorticity Numerical Model for Predicting Propeller Performance in Turbulent Flows

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You, Rui
Kinnas, Spyros A.

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VISVE, a computational tool developed with the support of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), is specifically designed for analyzing marine propeller performance in turbulent flows. To facilitate the computational demands of the simulations, all the development work and tests were conducted on TACC-affiliated supercomputers. The performance of the code was analyzed through profiling, identifying the most time-consuming components. To optimize the computational efficiency, the code was parallelized using a hybrid OpenMP and MPI strategy. Scalability tests were conducted on the ICX nodes, Stampede2, with a focus on a 3-D propeller operating within turbulent flows. This study contributes to the development of a robust numerical model, which can be effectively utilized for analyzing propeller performance in complex turbulent flow conditions. The parallelization strategy employed in VISVE significantly enhances its computational capabilities, making it suitable for high-performance computing platforms at TACC.


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