Interference alignment from theory to practice




El Ayach, Omar

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Wireless systems in which multiple users simultaneously access the propagation medium suffer from co-channel interference. Untreated interference limits the total amount of data that can be communicated reliably across the wireless links. If interfering users allocate a portion of the system's resources for information exchange and coordination, the effect of interference can be mitigated. Interference alignment (IA) is an example of a cooperative signaling strategy that alleviates the problem of co-channel interference and promises large gains in spectral efficiency. To enable alignment in practical wireless systems, channel state information (CSI) must be shared both efficiently and accurately. In this dissertation, I develop low-overhead CSI feedback strategies that help networks realize the information-theoretic performance of IA and facilitate its adoption in practical systems. The developed strategies leverage the concepts of analog, digital, and differential feedback to provide IA networks with significantly more accurate and affordable CSI when compared to existing solutions. In my first contribution, I develop an analog feedback strategy to enable IA in multiple antenna systems; multiple antennas are one of IA's key enabling technologies and perhaps the most promising IA use case. In my second contribution, I leverage temporal correlation to improve CSI quantization in limited feedback single-antenna systems. The Grassmannian differential strategy developed provides several orders of magnitude in CSI compression and ensures almost-perfect IA performance in various fading scenarios. In my final contribution, I complete my practical treatment of IA by revisiting its performance when CSI acquisition overhead is explicitly accounted for. This last contribution settles the viability of IA, from a CSI acquisition perspective, and demonstrates the utility of the proposed feedback strategies in transitioning interference alignment from theory to practice.



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