Traditional Family History & Training - Part 3




Shankar, Jishnu
Ranjan, Rakesh
Nik Ilieva, Gabriela
Joshi, Himanshu

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While Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, training for it involves many years of study as well as apprenticeship. The apprenticeship could run in the family, as from father to son, or in a more formal setting, as with an acclaimed teacher. This apprenticeship could go on for decades, or till such time that the teacher felt confident in the abilities of his student. In modern times, universities and colleges in India have instituted formal certificates, diplomas and degrees in this traditional art and science of medicine. These formal degrees can range from one to three years. They may also include curriculum on modern forms of medicine to fill the gaps that traditional medicine may have. Presented here are narratives of how long it takes to become good in Ayurvedic practice.

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