A Parameter Study Of The Dust And Gas Temperature In A Field Of Young Stars




Urban, Andrea
Evans, Neal J.
Doty, Steven D.

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We model the thermal effect of young stars on their surrounding environment in order to understand clustered star formation. We take radiative heating of dust, dust-gas collisional heating, cosmic-ray heating, and molecular cooling into account. Using DUSTY, a spherical continuum radiative transfer code, we model the dust temperature distribution around young stellar objects with various luminosities and surrounding gas and dust density distributions. We have created a grid of dust temperature models, based on our modeling with DUSTY, which we can use to calculate the dust temperature in a field of stars with various parameters. We then determine the gas temperature assuming energy balance. Our models can be used to make large-scale simulations of clustered star formation more realistic.



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Urban, Andrea, Neal J. Evans II, and Steven D. Doty. "A parameter study of the dust and gas temperature in a field of young stars." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 698, No. 2 (Jun., 2009): 1341.