Design and Testing of Integrated Metal Armature Sabots for Launch of Armor Penetrating Projectiles from Electric Guns

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Price, J.H.
Yun, H.D.

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Electromagnetic railguns have now demonstrated their potential as an efficient vehicle for the launching of long rod armor penetrating projectiles capable of defeating heavily armored mobile targets. Mid-body-drive, integrated metal sabot/armatures have been developed for launch of tactically configured armor penetrating subprojectiles from an electric gun. The authors discuss the development of five generations of large caliber metal armature and sabot designs for launch of armor-penetrating projectiles and present data on their performance during testing. Sub-scale armature tests performed to establish armature material design limits are also presented. These developments have led to a better understanding of the interdependent nature of launch package and electromagnetic gun design and illustrate that the design of each must be coupled in order to maximize overall launch system performance.


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J.H. Price and H.D. Yun, “Design and testing of integrated metal armature sabots for launch of armor penetrating projectiles from electric guns,” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 31, no. 1, January 1995.