Status and Trends of Wetland and Aquatic Habitats on Texas Barrier Islands, Matagorda Bay to San Antonio Bay

dc.creatorWhite, William Allen, 1939-
dc.creatorTremblay, Thomas A.
dc.creatorWaldinger, Rachel L.
dc.creatorCalnan, Thomas R.
dc.description.abstractWetland and aquatic habitats are essential components of barrier islands along the Texas coast. These valuable resources are highly productive biologically and chemically and are part of an ecosystem in which a variety of flora and fauna depend. Scientific investigations of wetland distribution and abundance through time are prerequisites to effective habitat management, thereby ensuring their protection and preservation and directly promoting long-term biological productivity and public use. This report presents results of an investigation to determine the current status and historical trends of wetlands and associated aquatic habitats along the central Texas barrier island and delta system from San Antonio Bay to East Matagorda Bay. The study area encompasses Matagorda Island, Matagorda Peninsula, and the Colorado River Delta, an area located within Matagorda and Calhoun Counties along the central Texas coast (Fig. 1). Matagorda Island is a broad accretionary barrier island with well-developed foreisland dunes, extensive back-island estuarine marshes, and numerous relict beach ridges and intervening swales that are the sites of palustrine marshes in the central part of the island. In contrast, Matagorda Peninsula, a much narrower barrier, is undergoing erosion along much of its length and is characterized by numerous hurricane washover channels. Back-island estuarine marshes are important components of the peninsula. Connecting Matagorda Peninsula to the mainland is the Colorado River Delta, an elongate delta that separates East Matagorda Bay from Matagorda Bay and is the site of an extensive estuarine marsh complex. Although marshes on the east side of the delta are undergoing erosion, marshes on the west side are expanding, in part, along the dredged diversion channel that directs river flow to the west into Matagorda Bay.
dc.description.departmentBureau of Economic Geology
dc.relation.ispartofContract Reports
dc.subjectWetland habitats
dc.subjectaquatic habitats
dc.subjectTexas barrier islands
dc.subjectMatagorda Bay
dc.subjectSan Antonio Bay
dc.subjectenvironmental monitoring
dc.titleStatus and Trends of Wetland and Aquatic Habitats on Texas Barrier Islands, Matagorda Bay to San Antonio Bay

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