COVID-19 in Italy: The Revival of Culinary Traditions




Lee, Ivy

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This thesis explores the effects that COVID-19 has on Italian food traditions. Before the outbreak of the deadly virus, Italian cuisine was becoming a shadow of what it used to be. The increase in tourism and popularity of travel websites made it almost impossible for local businesses and small restaurants to stay open. As a result, regional cooking and traditional healthy food habits were no longer the pillars of Italian cuisine. The needs of the tourists began to outweigh the needs of the locals and authentic Italian cuisine was increasingly harder to encounter. The economic prosperity generated by the hospitality industry overshadowed what attracts tourists to the country in the first place. However, COVID-19 changed the fate of the Italian food landscape. The nation-wide quarantine created an opportunity for re-entry into some of those food traditions that were quickly being lost. Even among the mess, there is a silver lining. Throughout the course of my research, I had to start over twice due to some major road- blocks. In the short time I had to write my thesis, it was hard to build a defense. I advise further research in the topic of discussion.



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