The County Permanent School Fund in Texas




McCrary, James Wilson

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The matter of public school support is of paramount interest to every parent and tax payer in the State of Texas. The need for a comprehensive check of the County Permanent School Fund in Texas is made manifest by virtue of the number of counties which have such land, and the fact that no information has been furnished with which to inform the public. If the Legislature attempts to equalize the cost of education in the State, it cannot afford to overlook this fund in its plans for the distribution of subsidy and aid. The primary purpose of this study has been to determine the present status of the County Permanent School Fund in Texas. Individual studies have been made of the 237 counties which have received land, with the view of arriving at the totals for the State. Care has been taken to select materials that are legal and authoritative, and due diligence has been used in the selection of typical citations. This study indicates that the County Commissioners Courts are not well informed as to their duties, and that the report forms furnished them by the State Department of Education will not permit them to record all the information necessary for a thorough understanding of the administration of the fund. If there has been any dissipation of the fund, it should be brought to the attention of the State and particularly to those in charge of its administration. The recommendations made in the conclusions of this study are intended to be informational, as well as constructive in their content