Thin-Walled Part Properties in PBF-LB/P — Experimental Understanding and Nonlocal Material Model

Jaksch, A.
Spinola, M.
Cholewa, C.
Pflug, L.
Stingl, M.
Drummer, D.
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to fully realizing the potential of lightweight design in powder bed fusion of polymers (PBF-LB/P). In this work, parts built with rectangular cross sections of different sizes and orientations are described by their geometry, surface roughness, mechanical characteristics, and specific component geometry dependent on energy input. Experimental findings are supported by a nonlocal material model developed to adequately describe weakened material behavior at the surface of PBF-LB/P parts. This approach allows the simulation of the elastic modulus and density for complex part geometries while simultaneously considering boundary effects. Furthermore, the volume-surface ratio for thin-walled components were linearly correlated to the rectangular cross sections in different building orientations. This uniformity indicates that this ratio is a suitable quantity to consider. Therefore, the process knowledge is improved, especially in new design standards for thin-walled structures in PBF-LB/P.