Language learning strategies : a compilation of research and taxonomies




Speer, Mary Elisabeth

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Among learning characteristics for L2 learners, language learning strategies are one characteristic that has the potential of being influenced by language instruction. This report attempts to review the most salient research and taxonomies for LLS to provide a comprehensive overview for those who would like to teach, learn, or conduct more research in the field. It records various definitions that have been assigned to LLS and traces the history of LLS research that has accumulated over the past thirty years. It also reviews empirical research that has been conducted by applying certain taxonomies to find relationships between other learner characteristics. Finally, it looks into ways that LLS can be applied to the four language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and discusses research designed to analyze the effectiveness of Strategy Based Instruction for the specific skills. The concluding section finds particular avenues for further research and application of LLS.



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