Single Path Generation for Closed Contours via Graph Theory and Topological Hierarchy

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Borish, Michael
Roschli, Alex
Wade, Charles
Post, Brian
White, Liam
Adkins, Cameron

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University of Texas at Austin


Slicing converts a 3D object into a set of 2D polygons that are filled with multiple path types. These paths involve travels where the extruder of the machine must stop building, lift, travel to the next path, lower, and resume construction. Travels are considered wasted time as construction of the object is not occurring. Further, the start/stop point, called a seam, causes both reduced aesthetic and weaker material properties. To address these issues, an algorithmic approach was developed to compute a continuous single path from closed contours. The algorithm utilizes graph theory and a topological hierarchy to produce a single path for an individual layer. This approach can be combined with spiralization techniques to compute a single path for entire objects. The resulting objects can be constructed quicker and have improved material properties as verified via tensile testing.


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