Power Converter Design Options for the 12kVdc Bus System




Gattozzi, A.L.
Strank, S.M.
Pish, S.P.
Hebner, R.E.
Engelkemeir, F.D.

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The US Navy’s recent reduction of the dc bus voltage for the new surface combatant, from the original 20 kV to the new target of 12 kV, opens up the design space to a broader range of options than was possible to date. This paper is an attempt to address the opportunities and risks associated with the adoption of multi-level topologies and Silicon-Carbide switches in the design of power converters for the new ships when compared with a more evolutionary innovative path offered by using soft-switching topologies with Silicon switch technology.


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A.L. Gattozzi, S.M. Strank, S.P. Pish, J.D. Herbst, R.E. Hebner, and F.D. Engelkemeir, “Power Converter Design Options for the 12kVdc Bus System,” Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Electric Ship and Technologies Symposium, Arlington, VA, August 15-17, 2017