Endangered: San Antonio's Vanishing Mobile Home Parks and a Path to Preservation




Way, Heather K.
Fraser, Carol E.
Parra Davila, Lizbeth

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Mobile home parks are vanishing in San Antonio at an alarming rate, with the closure of at least nine mobile home parks since 2014. Without intervention by the city, dozens more mobile home parks are at risk of closing, impacting the housing security of thousands of the city’s most vulnerable residents.Mobile home parks provide a critical source of unsubsidized affordable housing for the poorest and most marginalized residents of San Antonio. Close to 22,000 residents in San Antonio, or 1.5% of the city’s population, live in approximately 8,000 mobile homes, with most of these homes located in the city’s remaining 88 mobile home parks. When residents are displaced from their mobile home communities, many are unable to move their homes and confront hardship navigating a housing market with very few viable housing alternatives.



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