Excavations at Baker Cave

James H. Word
Charles I. Douglas
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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin

Intermittent excavations in a dry shelter in Val Verde County, Texas from April 1962 to July 1966 revealed well stratified deposits. The earliest deposits yielded late Paleo- Indian projectile points of the Plainview Golondrina variety, corroborated by two charcoal samples radiocarbon-dated at 8910+- B.P. and 9030+- B.P. Higher deposits produced projectile points from Early Archaic to Late Archaic. In addition to lithic materials, perishable materials from Mid-Archaic through Late Archaic were recovered. Features associated with the Archaic were recorded. Arrow points were recovered from the surface stratum but of insufficient quantity to indicate an intensive Neo-American occupation.

Table of Contents: Abstract--Introduction--Acknowledgments --Previous Research in Trans-Pecos-- Environment --Site Description--Excavation Techniques--Description of Occupational Units--Features--Chipped Stone Tools---Smoothed, Pecked, Ground, Scratched and Unmodified Stone Objects --Articles of Wood and Fiber-- Articles of Bone --Articles of Leather and Sinew--Summary--Bibliography