How effective are luxury-style apartment buildings at filling gaps in senior housing in Austin, Texas?




Bernacki, Samantha

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Senior housing accommodations vary depending on an older adult’s specific support requirements and desires. Though there are many types of senior housing, this study examines explicitly luxury-style apartment complexes with an age restriction of 55 years and over, such as the Overture and Wildflower Terrace in Mueller, Austin. This study identifies the impacts of displacement on the elderly population in Austin, Texas, to determine the relationship between displacement and the existing population of elders that reside in rental properties of this type. If the connection is significant, this type of age-restricted apartment housing may become increasingly important in areas experiencing high growth and a dynamic population. Through interviews, tours, document and advertainment coding, and GIS analysis, this research aims to determine how 55+ apartment complexes address disparities in affordable and accessible senior housing in Austin, Texas. This study determines how residents of these tenet buildings communicate the level of existing sense of place and belonging within the buildings and surrounding areas. The study also hopes to compare the luxury-style senior apartment complexes to identically structured buildings without an age restriction.


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