Block copolymer orientation control using a top-coat surface treatment




Seshimo, Takehiro
Bates, Christopher M.
Dean, Leon M.
Cushen, Julia D.
Durand, William J.
Maher, Michael J.
Ellison, Christopher J.
Willson, C. Grant

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The Conference of Photopolymer Science and Technology (CPST)


Directed self-assembly of Si containing block copolymers (BCP) is a candidate for next generation patterning technology because it enables both high resolution and high etch contrast. Achieving high resolution requires a high x parameter. However, it is often difficult to achieve perpendicular patterns by thermal annealing of BCPs with a lower surface energy block, which tends to align with the air interface. New top surface treatment materials that provide a surface energy between those of the blocks have been developed that enable perpendicular pattern alignment with block copolymers that have a low surface energy block.


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Block Copolymer Orientation Control Using a Top-Coat Surface Treatment. T. Seshimo, C.M. Bates, L.M. Dean, J.D. Cushen, W.J. Durand, M.J. Maher, C.J. Ellison, C.G. Willson, Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology, 25, 125-130 (Jun. 2012).