Texas Modernism in the 1950s: A Study in Contrasts




Fox, Stephen R.

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Hugo V. Neuhaus Residence (H. T. (Harrie Thomas) Lindeberg, 1923) (Houston, Texas) ; George Kraigher House (Richard Joseph Neutra, 1937) (Brownsville, Texas) ; Case Study House (Charles Eames, 1949) (Pacific Palisades, California) ; Laurel Park subdivision (John G. York, 1949) (Harlingen, Texas) ; W. B. Uhlhorn House (House Designed for Living) (John G. York, 1949) (Harlingen, Texas) ; Contemporary Arts Museum (Karl Kamrath, 1949) (Houston, Texas) ; Menil House (Philip Johnson, 1949) (Houston, Texas) ; Casey Clinic (John G. York, 1950) (San Benito, Texas) ; Hugo V. Neuhaus, Jr. House (Hugo Victor Neuhaus, 1950) (Houston, Texas) ; Lon C. Hill Memorial Library (John G. York, 1951) (Harlingen, Texas) ; Clarke & Courts Building (John G. York, 1951) (Harlingen, Texas) ; Laurel Park Service Station (John G. York, 1952) (Harlingen, Texas) ; John G. York House (John G. York, 1952) (Harlingen, Texas) ; Klee Square (John G. York, 1952-1953) (Corpus Christi, Texas) ; Ebony Heights Elementary School (John G. York, 1953) (Brownsville, Texas) ; Nina Cullinan House (Hugo Victor Neuhaus, 1953) (Houston, Texas) ; Fort Brown Memorial Center (F & S Partners and Donald Edward Jarvis, 1954) (Brownsville, Texas) ; Rio Viejo subdivision (John G. York, 1955) (Brownsville, Texas) Parade of Homes House (Burdette Keeland, 1955) (Houston, Texas) ; Fairway Motor Hotel (John G. York, 1956) (McAllen, Texas) ; University of St. Thomas master plan (Philip Johnson, 1956) (Houston, Texas) ; Gordon House (Howard Barnstone, 1956) (Houston, Texas) ; Panzer Clinic (Alan Y. Taniguchi, 1957) (Weslaco, Texas) ; Buell O'Connor House (Alan Y. Taniguchi, 1958) (Brownsville, Texas) ; Narro-Sanchez Clinic (John G. York, 1958) (McAllen, Texas) ; Cullinan Hall (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1958) (Houston, Texas) ; Flato Memorial Livestock Pavilion (Alan Y. Taniguchi, 1959) (Kingsville, Texas) ; Citrus Packing Shed for house of Mo-Rose (Alan Y. Taniguchi, 1959) (Olmito, Texas) ; St. Joseph Academy (Caudill Rowlett Scott, 1960) (Brownsville, Texas) ; Harry Katz House (Alan Y. Taniguchi, 1960) (Brownsville, Texas) ; First City National Bank Building (Gordon Bunshaft, 1960) (Houston, Texas) ; McAllen State Bank Building (Hugo Victor Neuhaus and David Haid, 1961) (McAllen, Texas)

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