Stereo Vision Based Hybrid Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V in Component Repair Process

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Liu, Renwei
Wang, Zhiyuan
Sparks, Todd
Liou, Frank

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University of Texas at Austin


Parts or products from high performance metal are very expensive, partly due to the processing complexities during manufacturing. Recent studies have indicated that hybrid processes of additive manufacturing and machining process can be used to repair titanium parts, thus extending the service life. In order to implement these methods automatically, it is necessary to obtain the spatial geometry information of component with defects to generate the tool path. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the research on hybrid manufacturing with stereo vision function which can be applied to the component repair process. Stereo vision is adopted to detect the location and the size of the defect area which is marked by color marker. And then laser displacement sensor is applied to scan the defect area. Therefore, automated alignment, reconstruction of the defect area and tool path planning could be implemented based on the spatial geometry information. Finally, a Ti64 part repair experiment is done to verify the method. This work provides an automatic method for repairing damaged parts by hybrid manufacturing.


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