Pointing Fingers: Examining The Tech Boom’S Effects On San Francisco And Austin




Allen, Katherine

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In Pointing Fingers: Examining the Tech Boom’s Effects on San Francisco and Austin, Allen surveys the effects that the technology driven economy has had on San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas. These effects are analyzed with two foci: increasing housing costs and the state of homelessness. After examining the effects the technology boom bas had on San Francisco, Allen moves to survey Austin with the same foci: increasing housing costs and the sate of homelessness. Ultimately, the thesis seeks to understand the differences between the two cities, given that many Austinites fear that their city will become “another San Francisco.” To summarize, Allen finds that because of the city’s significant infrastructure differences, the rate at which housing prices increased in San Francisco will not be mirrored in Austin. However, in regard to the second foci, Allen notes that if we fail to continue making strides towards curbing or ending homelessness in Austin, we may face the a similar population of homeless in Austin due to lack of affordable housing and drug addiction.



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