Seismic retrofit of RC columns with FRP composites and anchorage system




Psaros Andriopoulos, Apostolos

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Research on the use of composite materials in structural applications started more than 30 years ago but still remains active. The challenges that accompany those applications are diverse and seem to increase as the variety of applications grows. There are several fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems that have been introduced through the years for strengthening reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Those systems focus on strengthening of slabs, beams and columns. The present study pertains to seismic retrofit of rectangular RC columns. The typical FRP materials used in structural applications are introduced, as well as, how FRP materials become an integral part of the force-resisting system. In addition, analysis work pertaining to a series of strengthened RC columns was conducted and the results were compared to the experimental data. Moreover, deficiencies of typical material models were highlighted. Design guidelines are discussed and recommendations about current design practices are provided. Finally, research gaps and future research recommendations are identified.



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