Contributions in marine science volume 26

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Table of Contents. Instructions to Authors / (p. iii-iv) -- Soil water salinity variations and their effects on Spartina alterniflora / J.W. Webb (p. 1-14) -- Two new non-ocellate trichocercous cercariae (Digenea: Fellodistomidae) from estuarine bivalved molluscs in Galveston Bay, Texas / William J. Wardle (p. 15-22) -- IXTOC-1 effects on intertidal and subtidal infauna of South Texas Gulf beaches / Steven C. Rabalais and R. Warren Flint (p. 23-36) -- Occurrence and distribution of reptant decapod crustacean larvae in neritic Louisiana waters: July 1976 / Frank M. Truesdale and Bryan L. Andryszak (p. 37-54) -- Behavioral aspects of juvenile penaeid shrimps P. aztecus and P. duorarum, during tidal transport / Roger A. Rulifson (p. 55-64) -- Seasonal and geographic distribution of seven decapod crustaceans in Apalachee Bay, Florida / Patricia J. Dugan (p. 65-80) -- Optimum salinity regime for oyster production on Louisiana's state seed grounds / Mark Chatry, Ronald J. Dugas and Kirk A. Easley (p. 81-94) -- Stomach contents of selected fishes from Texas Bays / Gary C. Matlock and Mario A. Garcia (p. 95-110) -- Analysis of spatial and temporal variations in biomass and community structure of motile organisms in Town Creek, a South Carolina tidal pass / Richard H. Moore and Richard R. Reis (p. 111-126) -- Seasonal and lunar cycles in gonadosomatic indices and spawning readiness of Fundulus grandis / Benita P. Waas and Kirk Strawn (p. 127-142) -- Abundance and distribution of fishes in the Galveston Bay system, 1963-1964 / Peter F. Sheridan (p. 143-164) -- Time course of osmotic adaptation with respect to blood serum osmolality and oxygen uptake in the euryhaline teleost, Sciaenops ocellatus (red drum) / John M. Wakeman and Donald E. Wohlschlag (p. 165-178) -- Abundance of bottlenose dolphins in Corpus Christi Bay and coastal southern Texas / Stephen Leatherwood and Randall R. Reeves (p. 170-199)